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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hostel Colonial brings you three highlights of one of the most traditional and tango-related neighborhoods: Boedo. You can visit the classic corner of San Juan and Boedo Avenues, have a drink in notable bars such as Margot and Homero Manzi and take pictures of these curious details we found for you.

In the south-east corner of Independencia and Boedo Avenues you’ll find this marvelous mural made of tiny glazed-tiles (representing Saint George), which belonged to and old t-shirt factory called “Casa Dell’Acqua”. The store closed in 1950, but the mural was preserved by the different brands which occupied the place. Nowadays, there’s an ice cream parlor.

This bizarre sculpture is the head of a clown. You might wonder: “what is that spoiled work of art doing in the front of a supermarket?” Here’s the answer: Many years ago, in this spot of 875 Boedo Avenue used to work a tiny local cinema called “Alegría” (Joy). It seems that the owners related the joy with their circus experiences.

That old wooden object you see is a desk for students from the beginnings of the XX Century. It would be just an old desk abandoned in a popular library if it hadn’t been used by one of the most renowned writers of the XX Century. In 1937, young Jorge Luis Borges worked cataloguing books in this library located on 4319 Carlos Calvo Street. Some of his first stories were written in this desk.

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