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Monday, May 28, 2012


It’s no news that Buenos Aires is devoted to Street Art. In the streets of our city you can see many great artists who work different technics as mural, stencil and instant art, among others. Each artist is recognizable by its particular style, topic or technic. In the last two years street creative Martin Ron and Leandro Frizzera came with a new original idea: to paint portraits of our greatest popular icons.

These street (pop?) artists focus on the sanctification people do with the artists or sportsmen they adore. Their first work was made on the humble neighborhood where football/soccer player Carlos Tevez was born. In this place called “Fuerte Apache” they painted a mural of Tevez with the legend “San Apache” (Saint Apache). They stated: “it’s interesting the relation between the figure/icon and its environment: that’s the heart of street art”.

After Tevez, they did other popular icons as soft porn actress Coca Sarli (in Villa Pueyrredón neighborhood), folk singer La Mona Jiménez, writer Ernesto Sábato and one of our local Robin Hood, Gauchito Gil. The next projects they’re working on are Diego Maradona and the recently deceased “father of Argentine rock” Luis Alberto Spinetta. Some great works you can see in Buenos Aires City and Province of Buenos Aires streets.

“The urban environment changed, there are multiple new spaces and people accept the presence of street art as a process which beautifies them”, says Martin Ron.

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