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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Next Thursday May 24 the Buenos Aires City Government offers the free tour: “Temples, Design and Avant-Garde”. If are curious about religious art, you will have the chance to visit three symbolic and wonderful churches o Villa Crespo neighborhood while a guide analyzes their conception. The tour starts at 3PM in the corner of Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue and Lerma Street in Villa Crespo.

The first Church is Nuestra Señora de la Consolación (Our Lady of Consolation) in 1073 Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue. This temple was built in 1946 and blessed in 1948. It was born under the name of “Mater Consolationis” and tributes an Italian Virgin which represents the mother of God in Christian tradition who is seen as a defender of the book of the Apocalypse. The celebration of this Virgin is on September 4.

Then, the tour visits the church of San Gregorio El Iluminador (Saint Gregory, The Enlightener) in 1353 Armenia Street. This cathedral was inaugurated in 1938 as one of the key places for the Armenian community of Buenos Aires. The cathedral style follows the parameters of Armenian architecture. It was designed by Israel Arslán and preserves objects which are true jewels of their religious practices.

Finally, the tour goes to the Catedral de San Jorge (Saint George Cathedral) founded by Syrian and Lebanese immigrants in 1923. The original liturgy was made in Aramaic and Arab, but today it’s 99% Spanish. The beauty of the building and its ornaments are architectural patrimony of the City.

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