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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Buenos Aires is progressively incorporating the ecobus. The different between this vehicle and the traditional buses is its combination of two engines: a diesel one which activates an electric generator, and an electric motor which powers the ecobus. This combination, plus the regain of electric energy during braking, allows saving a remarkable amount of fuel and a decrease in the emotion of pollutant gases.

The project seeks to promote and implement less-pollutant technologies in the urban transportations system. This initiative is part of an Action Plan against the Climate Change in the region. The traditional buses will be replaced by ecobuses in the next years. The process started with a bus on the line 62, and the success of the experiences encouraged the mass production of this vehicles.

This hybrid buses designed by a local company, in association with the Buenos Aires City Government has the particularity of working only on electric energy during its route. This bus also helps to prevent the smog in Downtown Buenos Aires and has the advantage of incorporating a 60km speed limit.

Buenos Aires improves its urban transportation and takes care of the environment. A city for the future, a city that’s waiting for your visit!

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