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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


In Balvanera neighborhood, in 1927, was inaugurated the first building of reinforced concrete of Buenos Aires City: the famous Abasto Market. It was a supply market for a large part of our city which has become one of the main shopping malls. The building was projected by engineer José Luis Delpini and marked an architectural milestone for our recent history. Hostel Colonial brings you the story of a great place just 6 subway stations away.

Located in 3247 Corrientes Avenue, the Abasto Market provided fruits and vegetables for the capital of Argentina until 1984. It was meant to replace the “Mercado Modelo”, located in front of the National Congress. The location was strategic as the land was the middle point between La Boca neighborhood and Olivos City, two key places for the production of fruits and vegetables.

As the demand kept on growing, many annexed buildings were added to the project (which finally reached the 44.000 square meter length). In 1939, the market was allowed to also sell fish and meat. The place became a reference for restaurants and particulars for almost 50 years. In 1984, as many local markets and the supermarkets had replaced the everyday shopping, the Abasto closed.

After 14 years, in 1998 it was reopened as the Abasto Shopping Mall. The original reinforced concrete structure was kept and the classical ornaments preserved as they are National Patrimony. Today, you can visit a marvelous place, go to the movies, find clothes and do your tourist shopping in the very heart of Carlos Gardel neighborhood.

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