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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The National Museum of Fine Arts -MNBA- (1473 del Libertador Avenue) presents next week the exhibition “Real/Virtual. Argentine Kinetic Art of the 60s”. Until August 19 you can enjoy the first exhaustive panorama of local kinetic art ever made. It gathers works from the Museum’s collection, private collectors and other institutions as the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA).

Kinetic art was born in the late fifties, as a proposal of Victor Vasarely in his exhibition “The movement” (1955) in Denise René Gallery in Paris. The artists experimented with transformable works base on the real and virtual movement and the light as a main element. Many Argentines residing in Paris embraced the new avant-garde (mainly Julio Le Parc). In Argentina, the geometric traditions of Concrete Art have set the basis for the experimentation with light and movement.

Real/Virtual shows the importance of kinetic art in three decisive instances. The first one is the impact in local art of Vasarely’s exhibition in the MNBA in 1958. The second one is characterized by the optic-kinetic explorations of Julio Le Parc and Horacio Garcia Rossi and their presentation in 1964 in the MNBA. Finally, the last instance is the expansion of kinetic art in the 60s and the proliferation of experimental artists in Argentina.

Real/Virtual is a great approach to Argentine Kinetic Art, don’t miss it!

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