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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The Danish Church of Buenos Aires, in San Telmo neighborhood, is one of the great buildings you can discover in our city. It’s located in 257 Carlos Calvo Street and represents the neo-gothic architecture. The land was bought by local Danish community in 1929 in order to build a temple and many projects were presented.

The winner was that of architects Rönnow & Bisgaard. Rönnow, a Norwegian architect had recently built the Otto Wulff building, another architectural marvel. The Church was finally opened in 1931 to attend the third larger Danish community outside Denmark (after United States and Australia). Pastor Sven Nielsen celebrated the first mass. A tradition, until today, is to have a cup of coffee after the mass.

The church has a neo-gothic minimalist style, whit bricks on the outside and a traditional pointing top. On the inside, it has white walls with no images. There are three stained-glass windows over the altar and a dark wooden-cross in the center. On the hall which leads to the altar there is a miniature ship which tributes the seafaring ancestors that came to our shores.

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