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Monday, July 30, 2012


The Santa Rosa de Lima Church is the masterpiece of Architect Alejandro Christophersen in Buenos Aires. Located in the corner of Belgrano Avenue and Pasco Street, in Balvanera neighborhood is one of the most important churches in Argentina. It tributes the patron saint of Argentine Independence. It was inspired by the Saint Front de Perigueux church, in France, and its neo-Byzantine/Romantic style.

It was built between 1928 and 1934 by initiative of aristocrat María Unzué de Alvear. The exterior is covered in bricks, granite and stone. The roofs are made of Italian tiles, cupper tops and ornamental mosaics. The Papal emblem is located in the center of the façade, sided by the Argentine and Peruvian coat of arms (both countries which worship Santa Rosa de Lima).

The main entrance is on Belgrano Avenue. From there, you can enjoy the main altar made in Italy and crowned by a replica of “The Descent of the Cross” of Michelangelo. The wonderful top is supported by 18 Cipolin green marble columns which combine with the base boards and the friezes covered in Tynos marble. The top ends in a tower-shaped lantern which provides light to the whole temple.

This church is one of the most important ones in our country. Along with the Metropolitan Cathedral (located in front of Plaza de Mayo), the Santa Rosa de Lima Church is the second National Church.

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