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Monday, August 6, 2012


Every Tuesday until October 2, the Buenos Aires City Government organizes the cycle “Culture at noon”, lots of shows for you to enjoy. There are dozens of free activities which include music, theater, dance and stand-up comedy. All of these great spectacles will take place in Downtown Buenos Aires, where our Hostel Colonial is located. Some of the places are: San Martin Cultural Center (1551 Sarmiento St.), San Martin Theater (1530 Corrientes Ave) and Picadero Theater (1857 Santos Discépolo Passage).
Until now, organizers have confirmed the dance schedule for these months (which you can check here below). For the full schedule, visit the Buenos Aires Cultural Agenda website (available in English if registered).

August 7
Zamcueca: Mitimaes Dance Company presents a show which mixes contemporary dance and folkloric Argentine and Latin American dance.

August 14 and 21
Sudakas: a work of 10 choreographic pieces which mix nostalgia, drama and violence in an exciting play.

August 28-September 4

La venganza de los hiperautomáticos (The vengeance of the hyper-automatics): video-dance + performance. The bodies of three workers are affected by curious movements.

September 11 and 18
La tierra no se mueve (The Earth does not move): satellite maps changed the perception of the world as we know it, but the body is still anchored to the place.

September 25-October 2
Tierra y Cemento (Land and cement): the group “Alquimia” presents a show on union and separation of two different worlds: the roots, the pagan and the past versus the city, the artificial, the future.

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