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Monday, August 27, 2012


The plan which contemplates to turn the streets in Downtown Buenos Aires into pedestrian streets moves forward. Now it’s time for 25 de Mayo and San Martin Streets. After the recent transformation of Reconquista and Suipacha Streets, these new streets will almost turn all the streets circulating from south to north of Downtown into pedestrian streets. Next, the project will include the streets which go from east to west.

The objective is to preserve the historic buildings of the area and to reduce the circulation of cars and buses (and the noise and pollution levels). The plan also includes the construction of bicycle paths and urban furniture for Porteños and tourists to enjoy the new walks. The works on these two streets start this September in the area delimited by the avenues: Leandro Alem, Santa Fe, Carlos Pellegrini and Suipacha, the very spot where our Hostel is located.

Downtown Buenos Aires isn’t just a place to go to work; it is slowly becoming a tourist attraction and a place to keep our architectural, cultural and patrimonial history. In June 2013, the project will continue with the streets Maipú, Esmeralda, Mitre and Perón. In 2014, Tucumán and Viamonte will also become part of a pedestrian Downtown Buenos Aires.

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