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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The Buenos Aires tourist bus extends its tour to new great destinies in Buenos Aires City. The traditional tour splits in Palermo and gets to the River Plate Stadium. It’s known as the “Ruta Azul” (Blue Route) and joins the neighborhoods of Palermo, Belgrano and Nuñez. The new stops are: the Chinese neighborhood, River Plate Stadium, the thematic park Tierra Santa (Holy Land) and the Metropolitan Airport.

With these new 4 stops, the tourist bus has already 27 symbolic places of our city to show to its passengers. The stops where you can catch the Blue Route are two: the Planetarium and the Sivori Museum, both in the woods of Palermo. There are no additional to pay for this route which you can take every hour between 10AM and 6PM.

The objective of the tourist bus goes further than tourism: it’s also a proposal for Buenos Aires inhabitants to enjoy their city in a different way. Their motto is “Live your city like a tourist” and it’s a win-win proposal both for tourist (who get to travel with locals and their knowledge of the city) and locals (who can enjoy and rediscover their own city).

Among the new stops you can enjoy are: the Chinese neighborhood in Belgrano (full of great restaurants and stores), the Metropolitan Airport (a great choice if you’re traveling inside Argentina or to close countries like Chile and Uruguay), the Tierra Santa park (a thematic park dedicated to religion) and the River Plate Stadium (the field of the national soccer team and home of one the two most important soccer teams of Argentina). 

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