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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


In the corner of 25 de Mayo and Perón streets, there’s an historical building of Buenos Aires. Once a famous hotel, The “Palace Hotel” opened in 1905, it became an office for the Philosophy Faculty of Buenos Aires University in 1970. Built by Italian architect Carlos Morra, the place hosted the guests of navy businessman Nicolas Mihanovich, who used to own the place. Read about the history of this building, just 5 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial.

Close to the old port, nowadays Puerto Madero, the Palace Hotel was one of the greatest of its time. In 1910 the Palace hosted the foreign delegations which came to celebrate the 100 years of our independence. Presidents and kings from all around the world enjoyed the facilities of this hotel which had a wonderful view of the River Plate. In 1930, the place was closed, due to the Great Depression and later bought by a local bank.

The bank installed its headquarters until 1966, when the building was donated to its actual use: a dependency for the Philosophy Faculty of Buenos Aires University. In the late 80’s, it was declared National Historical Monument and it’s been preserved by the National Government since that declaration.

This hotel was probably the first luxury hotel of our city. This marvelous Italian neo-renaissance styled building has a wonderful viewpoint which is being restored (as well as the old top). It has an old lobby Louis XIV styled with three outstanding columns. The floors are decorated by ceramic mosaics and French colored glasses. There a great imperial marble stair and bronze ornaments all over. It is a great place you need to know!

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