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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Our National Fine Arts Museum (MNBA) has been recently joined the Google Art Project which presents an online version of our greatest museum. There are 234 digitalized works by 90 different artists, which allow you to enjoy the museum even before or after visiting it. All the images are in high definition and have all the information you may need on it. It’s a new tool to exhibit out cultural heritage.

The Artistic Director of MNBA, Maria Ines Stefanolo said: “It’s a great chance to spread the Argentina culture worldwide”. Among the many classics you can see are: “Sin pan y sin trabajo” (No bread and no work) by Ernesto de La Cárcova and “Pesadilla de los injustos” (Nightmare of the unfair) by Antonio Berni. You can find some European classics and pre-Hispanic patrimony as well.

The proposal accompanies a rebirth of museums around the world. This new way of enjoying the works has changed the way people see museums. Some choose to select the works they want to see in their visit (or even if a particular museum it’s worth a visit). Others prefer to re-enjoy the works they were amazed by during their visit. Now, you choose how to visit the museum and that’s a great option.

Along with our MNBA, in Google Art Project you can find great museums of the world such as: the New York MOMA, The London National Gallery and the Museé d’Orsay from Paris, among others. Give it a try!

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