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Monday, September 24, 2012


Osvaldo Pugliese was one of the greatest tango artists from Buenos Aires. Born in 1905 in Villa Crespo neighborhood, he soon became a renowned pianist and composer. In 1929 he formed his first duet, and a couple of years later he founded his famous orchestra. A true virtuoso, Pugliese is among the 5 most decisive musicians of this genre. Hostel Colonial recommends you three places where you can find his life and legacy in Buenos Aires City.

Pugliese Monument. Located in Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue and Drago Street, in his beloved Villa Crespo neighborhood, this piece of art shows a plate where maestro Pugliese is seated in front of the piano, in the company of a counter bassist, two singers, two violinists and two large accordion players. It is close to subway B line station “Malabia-Osvaldo Pugliese”, named after the artist.

Argentine Musicians Union (SADEM). Locates in 3655 Belgrano Avenue, in Almagro neighborhood, this place represents the true beliefs of Pugliese. He was affiliate number 5 of this union he struggle to create. In 1935, some years before joining the Communist Party, he said: “Work should be a part of people’s dignity, not a punishment”. Many musicians today are thankful for his struggle for their rights.

Osvaldo Pugliese Corner. In 909 Boedo Avenue, in Boedo neighborhood, you’ll find a restaurant which used to be a bar called “Alabama”, where the artist used to hang out with his musicians.

An extra tip: a popular myth says that the figure of Pugliese brings luck. That is the reason why you’ll see many people carrying his picture, photo or even a pin with his face.

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