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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This weekend, Buenos Aires celebrates a Bicycle Festival: two days, two wheels and thousands of activities to enjoy. The festival promotes the use of this way of transportation as a healthy sustainable alternative to move around the city. The event will take place in four different places and will offer al kind of activities as: cinema, music, fashion, dance, skills and a large fair. Hostel Colonial tells you all about it.

The places to participate are: the City Planetarium and the Rose Garden (Rosedal) in Palermo neighborhood, the Parque Centenario and the Audiovisual District (Chacarita, La Paternal, Villa Ortúzar neighborhoods). Each place will house different activities you can ride to. As you probably aren’t travelling with your bicycle, you can use one of the bicycles the BA City Government lends in many spots around the city.

If you like cinema, the Audiovisual District offers a program of movies from the Bicycle Film Fest which talks about riding a bicycle (including the famous movie “Triplets of Bellville” from France). For music, you have to go to the amphitheater of Parque Centenario where great new bands committed to bicycling will play.

You can see the full schedule for this and many more activities on the Bicycle Festival website.

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