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Monday, October 15, 2012


One of the most famous streets of Buenos Aires City, Florida Street, a pedestrian street, is to be renewed in the next months. Once walked by 5 million people a day, nowadays the plan to convert most of Downtown Buenos Aires streets into pedestrian streets has relieved this beautiful walk which will be soon fully repaired. Hostel Colonial brings you the history, present and future of Florida Street.

In the beginnings of the XX Century, Florida was the main commercial walk of Buenos Aires. The old aristocracy used to build their houses on this road and the main local and international stores had their headquarters here. As progress came to turn Buenos Aires into a metropolis, the houses disappeared and the stores blossomed. Until these days, Florida Street is a synonym of shopping for Porteños and the millions of tourist which visit us every year.

The mythical corner of Florida Street and Lavalle Street, the heart of our city, is just 3 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial. Now, this marvelous sightsee will be restored to keep its beauty, tradition and history. The works will begin by the end of October and the Buenos Aires City Government expects to finish them by June of 2013.

The street lights and urban furniture will be changed, the light cables will be buried underground along with all the services ducts and cables (to allow proper and easy reparation) and flowerbeds will be set along the street. Besides all this, ten of the most emblematic stores will have special lights to beauty them (Harrods, the Richmond Café). If you are coming to Buenos Aires City next year and you want to see the renewed Florida Street, stay in our Hostel Colonial!

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