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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The Transradio Building International is one of the Best exponents of rationalist architecture of Buenos Aires. It is located in the corner of Corrientes Avenue and San Martín Street, just 2 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial. It was projected by architect Alejandro Christophersen, once member of the directory of the enterprise who built it. Some years later, it became the home of the Argentine Telecommunications Company and today is headquarters for a bank.

There are eight floors and a basement. The entrance of the building is famous by its wonderful golden clock which includes the zodiac. The idea was to give a full panorama of time and location including the time, the months, the seasons of the year and the zodiac. Though the main entrance is in the corner, alternative doors are located on San Martin Street. The facade was damaged in 1955 by the ammo of a Sherman tank during a military coup.

Built in 1940, this building is one of the last works of the Norwegian architect Christophersen, who died in 1946. Among some of their greatest works in Buenos Aires City, you can also visit: the Anchorena Palace (761 Arenales Street), the Tortoni Café (the oldest in our city, in 825 Avenida de Mayo) and the Russian Orthodox Church in La Boca (315 Brasil Street).

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