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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Buenos Aires City is on its way to become a green city. That’s the reason why its Government invests on green technology and encourages its citizens and visitors to take care of the environment. One of the latest initiatives is bicing: free bicycles and cycle paths across the city to avoid the use of cars (and pollution) and to improve the health of the users. Now, Buenos Aires Bicing has its own app.

In all kind of mobile devices -as smartphones or tablets- you can check the cycle paths map. It also uses GPS technology to indicate where the closest path to you current location is. There is also an option to report irregularities as cars parked in the cycle paths, fallen trees which may interrupt the circulation or any other kind of inconvenience on the road.

The app is available for all the major operative systems such as iOS, Blackberry and Android. It has five options: location of the closest bicycle station, a full cycle paths map, location of the closest cycle path, information of bicycle stores and the option for reporting irregularities.

You can learn more about Buenos Aires Bicing here (available only in Spanish).

You can download the app for Android Blackberry iOS

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