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Monday, November 26, 2012


Every Sunday, at 3PM, the Buenos Aires City Government organizes a tour by the Buenos Aires Chinatown and the famous park Barrancas de Belgrano. The tour is free and starts in the corner of Del Libertador Avenue and Juramento Street.

Buenos Aires Chinatown is located in Belgrano neighborhood, in Arribeños Street, close to “Belgrano C” train station. Despite the name, many Asian communities coexist in this place (especially Taiwanese people). The place developed in the last two decades of the XX Century, as many Taiwanese immigrants came to Argentina. Here, you’ll find traditional restaurants and supermarkets, along with souvenirs and decoration from China. Every year, in February, the Chinese New Year celebration takes places in Chinatown.

Just two blocks away from Chinatown, the tour continues through one of the most famous parks in Buenos Aires. The Barrancas de Belgrano, are small hills designed by French urbanist Charles Thays in the XIX Century. The park covers three blocks in 11 de Septiembre Street between La Pampa and Juramento Streets. There, you can see an old Franciscan chapel from the XVIII Century, 67 different species of trees, old paths and great sculptures as a copy from the Statue of Liberty from New York.

A great tour to enjoy non-traditional Buenos Aires sightsees. It easy to get to the meeting point from our Hostel Colonial: there’s a bus just two blocks away (on Alem Avenue) which takes you there.

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