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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Since last November 14, the Colón Theater (628 Cerrito Street) has a renew square on its left side, on Viamonte Street. The surrounding of this great coliseum became a cultural space in the open air. The Vatican Square, as it is known, has new public illumination, a giant LED screen and the ground has been leveled to enlarge the space between Cerrito and Libertad Street. It’s a new place for culture, next to the history of culture.

In the giant LED screen (60 square meters), people will enjoy some of the great works which are played on the Colón Theater. The Vatican Square has 1300 square meters of concrete blocks in two different colors, plus 600 square meters of granitic mosaic sidewalks. The square is –at the same time- a new cultural space and a proper topping for the Theater subsoil.

The new square and its LED screen will offer, as many great cities of the world, the projection of free presentations of the orchestra, the ballet and the great musicians that visit the Colón Theater regularly. A chance to enjoy art in one of the best lyrical theaters of the world, for free!

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