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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


If you’re visiting Buenos Aires City during this November, there’s a great tango dance show you can enjoy. It’s called “Taco, Punta y… Traspié” (Heel, point… and stumble!) and mixes the tango with classical ballet. The Principle Dancer of the Colon Theater Ballet, Juan Pablo Ledo is the main star of this show which combines the passion of tango and the technique of ballet with 12 dancers on scene.

The show will take place in three different stages: the Carlos Gardel Cultural Center (3640 Olleros Street, Colegiales neighborhood), The Parque Centenario Amphitheater (Angel Gallardo Avenue and Leopoldo Marechal Street). The full program also includes classical ballet pieces as: the pas de deux of The Corsair and a neo-classical pas de deux. The tickets are free.

Here are the next shows:

November 16. 8.30PM
Parque Centenario Amphitheater

November 23. 8PM
Carlos Gardel Cultural Center

November 30. 8.30PM
Parque Centenario Amphitheater

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