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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


German visual artist Frank Ackermann is known by its “city maps”. His objective is to capture the essence of the cities he visits in a plastic work. During 2012, he visited Buenos Aires City and made his own map. Known as “Walking South”, you can see it in the Faena Art District (1169 Aimé Paine Street, Puerto Madero).

The artist experiments with different styles based on the Situationist Drift and the Psycho-Geography. He uses photos and pencil drawings of his trips to build mind maps. It’s not about mimetic reproductions but a synthesis between the physic and the psychological worlds. Starting with these elements, he composes large scale installations which are conglomerates of vibrant colors which compile geographical, architectural and pictorial spaces.

The author believes that his experiences while discovering the city are part of the creative process. The work on Buenos Aires City is the largest he’s ever made: 260m2. His works is painted on 25 wooden panels which express the life and the color of Buenos Aires. You can see the cosmopolitan spirits of its inhabitants, the traditional tango places a La Boca or San Telmo, the magic of Palermo or the charm of Recoleta, all of them gathered in one room.

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