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Monday, December 17, 2012


The free Wifi network of Buenos Aires City keeps growing. There are already 69 free access spots on parks, squares, public places, libraries, hospitals and communal head offices. The idea is to give locals and tourists a free, fast and easy access to connect to the Internet via notebooks, netbooks, smartphones or tablets. The network’s name is “Gobierno de la Ciudad” (“City Government” in Spanish).

Once you log in, you will be redirected to a landing page with information on the characteristics of the service and the conditions for its use, the coverage area and the city access spots. You can also see the closest cultural events, government offices, traffic, subway and buses. In parks and squares, the coverage is almost 100 meters wide. The bandwidth is 3Mbps and has a capacity for 30 simultaneous users.

Some of the main spots are: Parque Centenario (Díaz Vélez Avenue and Eleodoro Lobos Street), Parque Chacabuco (Eva Perón Avenue and 25 de mayo expressway), Parque Sarmiento (Ricardo Balbín Avenue and Galván Street), Parque Lezama (Martín García Avenue and Paseo Colón Avenue) and Plaza de Mayo (Bolivar Street and Rivadavia Avenue), among others.

Close to our Hostel Colonial, you have these spots: Plaza Lavalle (Tucumán Street and Talcahuano Street), Plaza de la República (9 de Julio Avenue and Corrientes Avenue) and Tourist Information Center in Roberto Arlt Square (Rivadavia Avenue and Esmeralda Street). You can also enjoy free Wifi in our Hostel Colonial!

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