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Monday, January 14, 2013


There are many fantastic buildings in Downtown Buenos Aires that many people doesn’t pay attention to. One of them is the Old Swiss Pharmacy, located in the corner of Tucumán and Maipú Street, just two blocks away from our Hostel Colonial. It was declared Architectural Patrimony of the city eighteen years ago when it celebrated its 100 years serving the population of Buenos Aires.

Founded in 1895, the Swiss Pharmacy is one of the oldest of our city. In fact, is the second oldest pharmacy after the “Estrella” Pharmacy located in the corner of Alsina St. and Defensa St. (nowadays part of the City Museum). The beauty of the exterior of the building and its amazing green mosaic ornamentation it’s only comparable with the amazing interior and its outstanding ebony woodwork (made by a Swiss artisan).

According to historians, it is a perfect replica of a pharmacy located in Basel, Switzerland. You can’t miss the chance to enter this store and to travel to the beginning of the XX Century. The clean smell of the air, the creak of the old ebony, the antique medicine jars it’s a wonderful experience you should not miss if visiting Buenos Aires.

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