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Monday, January 7, 2013


In Palermo neighborhood, in the artificial lagoons in front of the City Planetarium, is located the first LED light fountain of Buenos Aires City. Its colored lights enlighten the Palermo Woods by night with a new ecologic technology. These lights accompany those already installed in the Planetarium dome, which give the building an amazing look by night.

This new attraction was created by engineer Jorge Zalabeite for the celebration of the 170 years of 3 de Febrero Park (the official name of Palermo Woods). The fountain has three main water exits and six side exits, each one enlightened by a different color. The maximum height the water reaches is 10 meters tall. According to his perception, “this fountain and the lights on the dome are giving the Planetarium the standard of a new city symbol”.

As the mechanism saves energy, the Buenos Aires Government is planning to replace the light system of other fountains around the city as a part of its Green City Program. With the same objective, most of the clocks located in the main corners of Buenos Aires are being powered by solar panels on the top.

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