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Monday, February 4, 2013


The National Beauty Arts Museum -MNBA- (1473 Del Libertador Avenue) offers a great summer program called “Papeles Modernos” (Modern papers): a collection of masterpieces by such geniuses as Pablo Picasso and Henry Toulouse-Lautrec. Until March the 3rd, you can visit this amazing exhibition formed by 80 works on paper, as a key material for ulterior pictoric production of the artists.

The works are part of the museum’s permanent collection and they are organized in six thematic nucleus: studies (sketches and drafts), nudes, individual and group figures, the portraits, the eloquence of the image (emblems and allegories), the urban landscapes and the paper as a way of diffusion. In these papers you’ll see drawings and etchings by European artists from mid XIX Century to late XX.

The curator Ángel Navarro said about the exhibition: “These works are explorations, experimentations of certain subjects, free studies which eventually might be used in a future work. They are also documents which document the piece an artist produces or keeps in its workplace”. It doesn’t matter if they are sketches, drafts or completed works, these papers bring to life some of the most interesting traces of the European artists we all love.

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