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Monday, March 25, 2013


Flores is a traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires City. In the last weeks it became worldwide famous for being the place where the new Pope Francis was born. It is located in the geographical center of the city and its divided by Rivadavia Avenue. This land used to be a rural area outside the city until 1888 when it took the name of San José de Flores from a peace pact signed by the main political leaders of that time.

It is 60 blocks away from Plaza de Mayo and you can get there on the A Line of our subway (which has just been renewed). Among the attractives are the eclectic constructions combining different types of architecture. It is also known by the commercial center alongside Rivadavia Avenue and its many famous neighbors.

In a quick visit, you should stop in: Flores Church and Plaza Flores (Rivadavia Avenue and Pedernera St.), the notable bar “La Farmacia” (Directorio Avenue and Rivera Indarte St.), the Misericordia Square, Church and School (Directorio Avenue and Camacuá St.) where the Pope spent his childhood, the murals on Flores Train Station and the Marcó del Pont house (Fray Cayetano and Yerbal streets), the house where local writer Robert Arlt lived (Bacacay and Caracas streets) and the group of houses built in the area delimited by the streets: Francisco Bilbao, Lautaro, Primera Junta and Pedernera (in the south).

Among its famous former neighbors are: the Spanish poet Baldomero Fernández Moreno,  Argentinian writer Ricardo Gutiérrez, tango singers Alberto Castillo and Floreal Ruíz, actor Gianni Lunadei, actress Libertad Lamarque and former president Perón. If you want to visit a neighborhood full of history, you should try Flores!

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