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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Buenos Aires City has many great curiosities and details that make it special. One of them are the thousands of wonderful clocks you can see in buildings and squares. Today, we bring you the story of three awesome clocks near our Hostel Colonial. Three clocks you can visit when visiting us.

Transradio International Building clock. Located in the corner of Corrientes Ave. and San Martín St. (2 blocks away), this clock has a unique design. It is inspired in the zodiac signs and depicts every one of them. This strange golden clock was designed by Norwegian architect Alexander Christophersen in the 1920’s. It is not working nowadays but its strange esoteric design still makes it a wonder.

Italian-Argentinian Power Plant clock. Located in Tres Sargentos Passage (4 blocks away), this sun clock its located in the brick tower of the building of an old power plant of the Italian-Argentinian company. The building itself has a great eclectic European design with bricks on the outside. The sun clock it’s been repaired these days and will soon be ticking again.

Monumental Tower clock. Located in Fuerza Aérea Square, in front of Retiro Train Station (7 blocks away) this clock is one of the biggest references of our city. The tower was built in the 1930’s by the English community of Argentina and offers a beautiful design with British ornaments. More than 6 million people see this clock every day when they arrive to Downtown Buenos Aires for work.

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