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Monday, April 15, 2013


La Boca is one of the most colorful beautiful neighborhoods of Buenos Aires City. Located in the south-east of our city, on the shore of River Plate, is probably the picturesque epitome of the working class immigrants who built this country as we know it. This land was where Buenos Aires was founded in 1536 by Spanish Pedro de Mendoza and, during the XIX Century, where most of the Italian immigrants found their home.

One of the landmarks of La Boca are the “Conventillos” (common houses) which were old houses abandoned after the yellow fever epidemics and inhabited by several families. These houses are famous for the vivid colors they have on their facades which came from the rests of paint from the boats that the workers used. These houses, along with the Old Bridge, Caminito and the Boca Juniors Stadium are the main sightsees on La Boca.

Caminito street is an amazing place: the street with no doors as some know it. The name came from a famous tango, and the place has many attractions during day and night: a Maradona double, tango dancers and sculptures are some of them. Another great attraction is the Music Power Plant, a renewed building which belonged to the Italian-Argentinian Electric Company, that now houses a philharmonic orchestra and many exhibition rooms. Also in this neighborhood you can find Lezama Park, one of the largest parks of the city.

It easy to get to La Boca from our Hostel Colonial. We are 30 blocks away from the neighborhood in an almost straight line connected by many buses.

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