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Monday, April 29, 2013


Montserrat neighborhood is part of Downtown Buenos Aires. It’s probably the most touristic neighborhood of our city as it houses the main Government building (Casa Rosada), the Cathedral and two of the most famous squares: Plaza de Mayo and Plaza del Congreso. Delimited by the square of the avenues Rivadavia, Leandro Alem, Independencia and Entre Ríos, it’s only 6 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial.

The name of the neighborhood comes from the Montserrat Church, one of the main religious sites of Buenos Aires in the XVIII Century. It was also known as “Neighborhood of the drums” because of the large African population who lived here in those times. Even today, many people confuses this neighborhood with San Telmo (they are actually separated by Independencia Avenue and Chile St.), because both have similar characteristics.

Among its main touristic attractions are: the Avenida de Mayo (the first and most traditional avenue of the city), the Casa Rosada (house of the government), the Plaza de Mayo and Plaza del Congreso (main squares in the ends of Avenida de Mayo), the Cabildo (town hall), the Montserrat and Saint Francis Churches, the Santo Domingo convent, the Apple of the Lights (one of the oldest squares in town) and the Avenida Theater.

If you’re visiting Buenos Aires, you must visit the most representative neighborhood of our city: Montserrat.

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