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Monday, April 1, 2013


Puerto Madero is one of the newest most famous touristic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires City. This area was the main port of Buenos Aires more than 100 years ago but after the construction of the new port it was abandoned in the mid 50’s. It took almost 50 years until the area was renewed and became the fabulous pace it is today. Welcome to a city pride: Puerto Madero.

The neighborhood is just 5 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial. It has many attractives: the River Plate view, the many bars and restaurants on the area, the large parks and the marvelous skyline. This was the first area in Buenos Aires to be fully planned before constructed. No such concepts of urbanism have ever been applied on any neighborhood as it occurred in Puerto Madero: lots of trees, wide streets, river sights: everything has been perfectly designed.

Among its main attractions are: two museums (the Fortabat Collection and the Faena Art Center), dozens of great bars and restaurants, the Micaela Bastidas park, the Women Bridge designed by Calatrava, the floating Casino of Buenos Aires, the South Boardwalk and the Natural Reserve. A walks through Puerto Madero’s docks is a must for tourist nowadays, as the place is becoming the second most famous view of Buenos Aires (after the Obelisco).

The names of the streets of Puerto Madero tribute the most relevant women in Argentine history as well as the wonderful Women Bridge. Today, this neighborhood is one of the most expensive ones is Argentina and a place you should not miss if visiting Buenos Aires City.

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