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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


One of the smallest most beautiful museum of Buenos Aires is the one dedicated to architecture and design: MARQ (Museum of Architecture). The place used to be an old water tower which supplied the vapor locomotives from nearby Retiro Train Station. In 1990, the place was given to the Society of Architecture which remodeled it in 2000 to create this wonderful museum.

It is located in Del Libertador Avenue and Callao Avenue and its main objective is to preserve, exhibit and raise awareness on the architectural patrimony from Buenos Aires and the world. Of course, they began with the very building which was constructed in 1915 and remains a wonderful example of the railway architecture of the beginnings of the XX Century. More than 280 square meters in 4 floors which preserve pieces and pictures of our patrimony.

In the last years, and old wagon was annexed to the building and its exterior was intervened by local architect and visual artist Clorindo Testa. The building is located in a marvelous place in Recoleta neighborhood, close to the National Beauty Arts Museum, the Recoleta Cultural Center, the exhibition room of Palais de Glace, the Decorative Arts Museum and the Museum of Latin American Art.

Lately, the museum has also included material on design, as a relative discipline of architecture which is also being preserved and represented on the museum collection. From our Hostel Colonial, the MARQ is only 10 minutes travel by bus.

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