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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Buenos Aires -and Argentina- is still celebrating the election of the new Pope Francis. The neighborhood where he was born (Flores) is now offering “The Pope Tour” (to discover its first house, his school and the church he assisted). The local government has also decided to honor the Pope with a giant print with his image located near the Obelisco in our popular 9 de Julio Avenue.

The picture covers the top of the façade of the “Del Plata” Building. The image of the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires waving the crowd with the Pope clothing was placed before Holy Week. The mural also says: “The city celebrates with pride and joy the new Pope Francis”.

The material used to make the giant print will then be used to manufacture bags. This bags will be auctioned to raise funds in order to help poor people of our city. The program which will carry on this activity is run by the Vicarage for the Poor Neighborhoods created by the recently elected Pope in 2009.

The front of the “Del Plata” Building is often used to honor famous Porteños or distinguished visitors. The last image placed in the building was a picture of Pink Floyd’s record “The Wall”, to celebrate the visit of Roger Waters.

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