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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The Recoleta Cultural Center (1930 Junin Street) offers the most original and avant-garde art exhibitions. Until June 9, a great picture exhibition is taking place. The name is “ESTO (lo que era antes de haber sido)” (THIS, what was before it has been) from the local photographers Martin Epelde and Leni Méndez. You can enjoy 14 printed portraits in fine art canvas depicting the human body in an original way.

These works capture different intervened bodies with selected objects that match the expressions of each frame. The idea is to easily find the answer to “Who is it?”: “THIS is it”. The curator, Héctor Maranesi Becar said: “Transformation is the key word. It’s the content summarized in the beauty of the images. There is a strong theatrical character. The drama reveals the transience of our existence. That’s the way these pictures are built: an inevitable paradox, they can’t stop time… and they know it”.

Each pictures express the complex anguish of the human existence and yet involves the pure beauty of the human body. A great exhibition in Room 14 of the Recoleta Cultural Center, and a chance to visit the whole art complex.

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