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Monday, May 13, 2013


Retiro is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Many of the history of our nation took place in this land. It is delimited by Córdoba Ave., Uruguay St., Montevideo St. and the River Plate. Retiro is part of the most touristic Our Hostel Colonial is only two blocks away from it. Retiro is part of the most touristic places of Buenos Aires City and its surrounded by other famous neighborhoods such as San Nicolás, Puerto Madero and Recoleta.

There are many version of the origin of its name “Retiro” (Retirement in Spanish). The most probable is the one which tells that a Spanish Governor of the XVII Century named the lands surrounding what today is San Martín Square as “El Retiro” (a place where he built a house for resting of its duty). After that, a bull ring was located in the place and nowadays you can see the San Martin Square, one of the largest most beautiful green spaces of Buenos Aires.

Among the main touristic attractions of Retiro are: the Monumental Tower (in front of Retiro Train Station, donated by British descendants), the San Martín Palace (761 Arenales St.), the Paz Palace (750 Santa Fe Ave.), famous Florida pedestrian street, San Martin Square (Santa Fe Ave. and Florida St.), Kavanagh Building (the first skyscraper in 1065 Florida St.), the Holy Sacrament Basilica (1035 San Martin St.) and the Museum of Immigration (1355 Antártida Argentina St.).

If you-re visiting Buenos Aires City, you can’t miss the tour of Retiro neighborhood. 

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