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Monday, June 17, 2013


Agronomía neighborhood is located in North West Buenos Aires. These lands used to belong to the Jesuits until the beginning of the XX Century when they were acquired by the State in order to build the Agronomy Faculty. The name of this great park (185 hectares) finally named the whole neighborhood: Agronomía (Agronomy in Spanish). Hostel Colonial tells you all about this green place of our city.

The neighborhood grew around the Agronomy Faculty and the park which also includes a meteorological measurement station (named Villa Ortúzar), the Museums of Anatomy, Surgical Pathology and Agricultural Machinery and a marvelous farm you can visit called “Del campo a la ciudad” (from the countryside to the city). The whole area was planned by French town planner Charles Thays, who also designed most of the great green spaces of Buenos Aires.

Other great attractions of Agronomía are: the Rawson neighborhood (picture) where famous Argentine writer Julio Cortázar lived, the Comunicaciones Sport Club, the San Alfonso Church (1515 Barzana St.), the Santa Francisca Romana Church (5491 San Martin Avenue) and the San Pablo Apostol Church (4249 Nazca Avenue).

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