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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The Buenos Aires City Government delivered a Project seeking to protect the architectural patrimony of Barracas neighborhood. The idea is to save from demolition and maintain the beauty of 53 historical places of this former aristocratic area of the city (abandoned in the mid XIX Century because of the yellow fever epidemics). Many of this buildings are old houses that belonged to the first families that populated Buenos Aires.

Barracas has amazing buildings that have been forgotten for many years. Nowadays, with the recovery of this area of the city, many of them are being remodeled or turned into fancy houses. The objective of the project is to maintain the essence of the main buildings of the neighborhood, preserving them as the architectural patrimony they represent.

Some of the buildings it seeks to protect are: Cambaceres and Tabaco families houses (121 Montes de Oca Avenue), the old Quilmes Brewery Building (1400 Piedras Street), the National and Province Banks and the old City Market (all of them in 500 Regimiento de Patricios Avenue). Also in the list are the “El Progreso” cafe (1702 Montes de Oca Avenue) and the Public Library “Sociedad Luz” (1301 Suárez Avenue).

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