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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


During July, most of Buenos Aires children have holidays from school. The Buenos Aires City government organizes many activities for children and, as usual, many of them are also amusing for grown-ups. One of them is “Divertitango” (something like funny tango in Spanish), a spectacle with musicians, dancer-actors and a singer who tells the story of our national music in a funny, entertaining way.

In the play you can see the most famous characters of the history of the genre in its different times: the black men rhythmists, the “gauchos”, the “gaucho” minstrels, the “guapo”, the “percanta”, the “pituco” and others. Then, this classical characters mix with the modern urban tribes, showing the similarities and amusing the audience.

Divertitango includes a piano, large accordion and counter bass trio, along with the singer and the dancing couple. You can enjoy the show this Friday 19 and Saturday 20 in Resurgimiento Cultural Space (2262 Artigas Avenue, La Paternal neighborhood). If you want to have fun and discover more about tango, this is your chance!

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