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Monday, July 15, 2013


Chacarita is a great neighborhood located in the middle of Buenos Aires City. Its name means small farm, what the place used to be back in XIX Century when it belonged to a catholic college. The reason most people visit this neighborhood is the famous Cemetery (the second most important after Recoleta). Another reference is Lacroze train and subway station, just across the street of the Cemetery, in the heart of Chacarita.

The cementery is known for being the place many artists choose for its final rest. The tomb of the most famous tango singer of all times, Carlos Gardel is in there, along with other great musicians, actors and politicians. Some years ago, President Peron’s tomb was in there too, but it was moved to an old house of his 50 miles away from Buenos Aires. Though with more humble constructions than Recoleta, Chacarita Cemetery is the greatest touristic reference in the area.

Some other important sightsees of the neighborhood are: Los Andes Park and neighborhood (in the corner of Guzman and Leiva St. and all along Corrientes Avenue), the historic Rodney Bar (Rodney St and Jorge Newbery Avenue), the Carlos Gardel Cultural Center (Olleros St and Álvarez Thomas Ave), the Bar Imperio (the oldest and greatest pizza store in Chacarita) and the Chacarita Football Club offices (Teodoro Garcia St and Charlone St), among others.

It’s really easy to get to Chacarita from our Hostel Colonial: you can take the B Line of the subway to Lacroze Station or one of the many buses that might take you there from Downtown Buenos Aires.

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