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Monday, July 22, 2013


Colegiales neighborhood used to be part of an old Jesuit farm, back in the XIX Century. In Spanish, Colegiales means “school boys”, and the name is due to the function of that area: the sports camp of the Buenos Aires National College. In 1887, when it split from Belgrano neighborhood, Colegiales was born. The railroad was also of great help to the growth of this neighborhood. Hostel Colonial tells you all about this great place in Buenos Aires.

The main avenues of Colegiales are Lacroze, Álvarez Thomas and Elcano. You can get here from our Hostel by train (from Retiro to Colegiales Station) or by bus (lines 93 and 140, among others).

Among the main attractions of Colegiales are: the train station, the Colegiales Square (Álvarez Thomas Ave and Virrey Arredondo St), The Museum of Accordion (492 Guevara St), the Childs Museum (3537 Jorge Newbery St), the old Argos Café and Cinema (3455 Lacroze Ave), the Flea Market (Álvarez Thomas Ave and Dorrego Ave), the Dorrego Silos (Dorrego Ave and Zapiola St), among others.

There are also some great place where you can eat: La Mezzetta Pizza Store (1321 Álvarez Thomas Ave), Le Blé French Patisserie (899 Álvarez Thomas Ave), La Prometida (Delgado St and Virrey Arredeondo St), Cervelar Beer Shop (3385 Elcano Ave), among others.

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