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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


A new photo project seeks to preserve the memory of the traditional Buenos Aires stores. A photographer Gustavo Sancricca and graphic designer Luciana Guerrero captured on camera the most relevant places of the Porteño identity. Though some of these stores may disappear, the memory will remain in the pictures. The city is not only what you see but what you remember from it.

The Stores Project (Proyecto Locales) is on Facebook since 2009 proposing a travel through time and space, to a Buenos Aires that you might never see again. The front of the stores, those small details that make them unique, the owners, the people behind the counters, a new original and artistic approach to the history of our city.

Places like the chocolate shop “Corso” (443 Maipú St), “Amalia” sheets store (1247 Arenales St), Los Angelitos Café (in the corner of Rivadavia Ave and Rincón St), Férnandez Blanco Library (712 Tucumán St), Glenmore house (2176 Sucre St), Otzakian iron work (727 Pueyrredón Ave), among others, are now in the photographic memory of Buenos Aires. Come visit Buenos Aires a discover these great spaces for yourself.

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