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Monday, September 16, 2013


Parque Avellaneda is a neighborhood located southwest of Buenos Aires City. The name comes from the park located in Lacarra Ave and Directorio Ave, where an old farm house belonging to the Olivera family is still preserved. The place is ideal for this time of the year: lots of green spaces, lots of trees, entertainment and picnic spots. Hostel Colonial tells you all you need to know if visiting this neighborhood.

The Nicolás Avellaneda Park is the main attraction of the place. Opened in 1914 it houses the Olivera Farm house, also known as “Chacra de los Remedios”, the place is now a giant cultural center. Inside, you’ll find an exhibition room for contemporary art, the Memory Room and a room for audiovisual projections. There’s also a public swimming pool and entertainment spots for the family and kids.

Other attractions of Parque Avellaneda are: the City Garden Center on Lacarra St, the old milking yard on the Avellaneda Park (built in 1923), the historical train which crosses the park (1.700 meters), the tunnels -which functions is still unknown- that feed the magic and mystery of the neighborhood, among others.

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