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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The old centennial wagons of the A Line of Buenos Aires subway will return soon -restored- to offer a unique trip. These old Belgian wagons were built by “La Burgeoise et Nicoise et Decluve” Company in the beginnings of the XX Century will circulate from Plaza de Mayo to Carabobo (the whole A Line) on weekends and in the nights of week days. Hostel Colonial tells you all about this great sightsee you will enjoy in our city.

These wagons circulated until January 2013 when they were replace by newer wagons in the frame of la larger plan of improvements of our oldest subway line (1912). The 8 wagons chosen are part of the 15 declared as City Cultural Patrimony. Among the Belgian wagons there’s also a English wagon from the Preston United Electric Car Company.

The recovery of these wagons includes the cleaning and restoration of the bodywork, interior decoration, boiserie, windows, woodwork and equipment. In a short time, a centennial historical trip will be waiting for you in Buenos Aires.

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