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Monday, October 14, 2013


Saavedra neighborhood is located north of Buenos Aires City. It is the only Porteño neighborhood that has a foundation act (1873). Its name honors the president of the first government assembly, Cornelio Saavedra. It is famous for its many park and green spaces (especially Saavedra Park, Sarmiento Park and General Paz Park). Hostel Colonial tells you all you need to know and all you have to visit in this great Buenos Aires spot.

The main avenues of Saavedra are Cabildo and Ricardo Balbín, only busy streets of a mostly residential neighborhood. The place is also related to tango music: one of our greatest singers, Roberto Goyeneche, was born here.

Among Saavedra main attractions are: Sarmiento Park (Triunvirato Ave and General Paz Ave), General Paz Park (General Paz Ave and Aizpurúa St), Saavedra Park (Pinto St and Superí St.), Cornelio Saavedra Historical Museum (on General Paz Park), Roque Sáenz Peña neighborhood (on Valdenegro St), San Isidro Labrador Church (2529 Arias St), Dot Baires Shopping (3626 Vedia St), among others.

You can get to Saavedra neighborhood by train. From our Hostel Colonial, walk 8 blocks to Retiro train station and take the Mitre train to Saavedra. Don’t miss the chance to discover a great place for picnics and walks.

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