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Monday, November 11, 2013


Villa Crespo is one of the most traditional neighborhoods of our city. It’s a mixture of stores, great bars, tango history, football/soccer and more. Its name comes from the BA governor Antonio Crespo who supported a shoe factory which became a symbol of these lands. The first houses located along the Maldonado stream, nowadays cased under Juan B. Justo Avenue. Hostel Colonial tells you all about this great place.

The neighborhood was immortalized by local writer Leopoldo Marechal in his masterpiece “Adán Buenosayres”. Other key figure of Villa Crespo is tango master Osvaldo Pugliese (born and raised in these streets and depicted in a great sculpture on Corrientes Ave and Vera St). Some other famous historical inhabitants are: actors Ángel Magaña and Osvaldo Miranda, writer Juan Gelman, football player Hugo Gatti and former vice President Daniel Scioli.

Among its main attractions are: the “Conventillo de la Paloma” building (156 Serrano St), San Bernardo Parrish (from year 1896), the famous San Bernardo Bar and Billiard (5436 Corrientes Ave), the Odeon Music Conservatory, the bars Crespín (699 Vera St) and El Malvón (789 Serrano St), among others. Come visit this great neighborhood. You can easily get to Villa Crespo from our Hostel Colonial on the B Line of Buenos Aires subway, Scalabrini Ortiz and Malabia stations. 

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