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Monday, November 25, 2013


Villa Devoto is known as “The Garden of Buenos Aires”, for being the greener most quiet neighborhood of the city. It is also an architectonic marvel, as it preserves most of the aristocratic residences that were built in the beginning of the XX Century. The heart of Devoto is Arenales Square, surrounded by the old house of Antonio Devoto (former owner of these lands), close to the railroad station and many great bars. Hostel Colonial shows you the best of our city.

Arenales Square, also known as Devoto Square is delimited by streets: Bahía Blanca, Mercedes, Nueva York and Pareja. It has an outstanding flag pole with figures made by the great Argentinian sculptor Luis Perlotti. It also has a statue of founder Antonio Devoto. The old house of Devoto is located in front of Arenales Square on Salvador María del Carril Ave and Mercedes St. Nowadays it works a public high school. Also in front of the square you’ll find the traditional Del Reloj Café (Nueva York St and Mercedes St).

One of the most beautiful walks in Devoto is on Salvador María del Carril Boulevard (from Llavallol St to Segurola Ave). There are many great houses combining British and French architecture. The other main avenue of Devoto is Beiró Ave. -on the corner with Gualeguaychú St, there a great building: the Water Palace.

Finally, if you pay a visit to Devoto, you should visit its great notable bars: the most famous Café de García (José Pedro Varela St and Sanabria St) and Café de San Juan (2702 Camarones St). 

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