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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Two new squares recently opened in Puerto Madero neighborhood. Together, they represent 8.000 square meters of green that add up to our city life quality. The first one is Raquel Forner Square (in the corner of Juana Manso St and Emma De La Barra St), the second, Fenia Chertkoff Square (in the corner of De los Italianos Ave and Cecilia Grierson St). Hostel Colonial tells you all about these new spaces close to our place.

Both squares are in line with the design of Puerto Madero green spaces: a mixture of grass and concrete and different planes. Forner Square is elevated and the accesses have wheelchair ramps to make it accessible. The main planted species in Forner and Chertkoff squares are Jacarandas, among other native trees. Both count three play spaces organized by the age of the child that might enjoy them.

As a typical symbol of Puerto Madero, the squares (as the streets and bridges in the area) tribute relevant women in Argentinian history. Raquel Forner was a painter, sculptor and teacher who participated in the famous literary group Florida (along with Borges). Fenia Chertkoff was and intellectual, pedagogic and political activist born in Russia and nationalized Argentinian. She was one of the first women to promote genre equality. 

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