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Monday, January 6, 2014


Villa Riachuelo is a small neighborhood South-West of Buenos Aires City. Few people know of its existence and confuse it with larger and most traditional Villa Soldati. Its name comes from a small water stream from the River Plate known that way. Although the most famous part of the Riachuelo crosses La Boca neighborhood, Villa Riachuelo is where it meets Matanza River. Hostel Colonial tells you all about this great place.
As it is a really small piece of land, there are few things you can visit in Villa Riachuelo. The two main attractions are: the Oscar and Juan Gálvez City Racetrack and the La Noria Bridge. There are also large parks and green spaces.

The Racetrack, opened in 1952, is 4.2 kilometers long and has 15 curves in its circuit. It is the heart of car racing in our city and has activity almost every day. Its name tributes the Gálvez brothers, two awesome car drivers from the 50’s. It is known as the Cathedral of Argentinian Car Racing and hosted 20 times the Formula 1.

The La Noria Bridge is the South West connection with Buenos Aires Province (limiting with Lomas de Zamora city). It was built in 1944 replacing an old bridge that you can still side on the left side as you cross it.

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