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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The National Beauty Arts Museum (MNBA) offers a large part of its collection digitalized and in high quality. The objective is to give a preview for the local and foreign visitors of what they will see in a visit to the museum. It also allows you to keep a copy of your favorite works if you have already visited it. You can access the collection (nowadays are 287 works) in the MNBA website.
Once in the digital collection area, you can search by school, style, object or time/art period. Every work has three information elements: the author (nationality, birth place and death place if it applies), the work (year, origin, genre, school, technique, style, support and measures), and a comment on the work by a specialized art critic. You can enjoy your favorite work in a HQ scan and even share it on Facebook and Twitter.

If you prefer to see this marvels live, you can visit the museum located in Recoleta neighborhood, 1473 Del Libertador Avenue.

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